Online Courses

Online First Aid Training / On-line Blended Training

Online first aid training or blended learning is a combination of the traditional classroom and e-learning formats. Students will complete a part one segment through an e-learning course that will give them the vast majority of the cognitive knowledge. Next, the student meets with a certified skill-evaluator or instructor to complete the part two segment, which contains hands-on practical practice of the skill. This method of learning utilizes the learning advantages of both educational formats, while providing increased flexibility and lower cost than a 100% classroom option.

It is now possible to complete parts of first aid training online alongside a practical element. If you are interested in this please contact me to discuss this option. For example, one can do the Paediatric 12 hours (Level 3) First Aid, with 6 hours on line ‘theory’ followed by 6 hours training for the practical parts of the syllabus.